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Big Bag loading station

We build our Big-Bag loading stations for bulk materials with special needs or when standard application does not fit.

Our custom design solutions meet customers expectations.

Handling is easy with full respect of safety standards.

We work with food, chemical and mineral products every time choosing the best and easy way to feed our Big-Bags loading stations. If there is not enough space we use simple pneumatic systems.

The dosing can be regulated by using different Parts like a screw, conveyor, dosing-valve, vibrating chute, dosing flaps or pneumatic pumps.

We work with carbon and stainless steel and regarding product specification we put special options.

System components:

  • Vibrating or tumbling screen before loading
  • Signal lights providing information on the readiness of the device and on possible failures
  • Electrical switchbox including the device control system
  • Buffer hopper for weighed products
  • Structure of the recipe scale
  • Transmission and motor-reducer
  • Structure of the buffer hopper lifting system
  • Vibrating mechanism
  • Structure of the guard doors from the product charging side
  • Structure of the guard doors from the side of pallet placement on the scale


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