Vibrating sifters and screens for sifting and separation raw materials.Vibrating screens and sifters. Round screens and sifters.

The company iPRO Sp. z o.o. specializes in dry processing technologies; granules, grains and powders, within the following industries: food, chemical, fertilizer, aggregates and minerals and related.

We are a manufacturer of devices that include:

Round screens

Vibrating feeders

  • electromechanical feeders
  • electromagnetic feeders

Vibrating dosing units

  • volumetric dosing units
  • gravimetric dosing units KITRONIK for precise dosing continuously

Sieve frames with and without ultrasonic resonators

  • for iPRO brand screens
  • for screens /sifters of other manufacturers


  • sieve cleaning systems: mechanical (ball, roller, brush) and ultrasonic
  • ultrasonic tank cleaning systems

We design and supply complete installations and technological nodes in the field of:

  • screening / separation
  • inter-operative transport (vibratory, mechanical and pneumatic)
  • loading and storage, buffering, dosing and packaging
  • dry granulation and briquetting

We provide dedicated solutions for the offered solutions, installation and service as well as integration with new or existing production lines.

Material execution: carbon steel, stainless steel and acid resistant steel.

Explosion-proof equipment Ex with the Atex certificate for dust zones 21 and 22

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High efficiency vibrating screeners
separators and sifters
For control sieving and for grading dry and wet materials up to five fractions in one operation
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Precise dosing units KITRONIK
loss-in-weight and batch dosing
For dosing bulk products (in time) with high precision.
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Ultrasonic systems
mesh deblinding devices
Ultrasonic sieve deblinding system for difficult powders, allowing accurate separation down to 20µm and increasing capacities.