IPRO 5 Electromagnetic feeders 5 Vibrating feeders – for dosing

Vibrating feeders – for dosing

iPro equipments are used for the powdery materials and extracting bulk materials from the hoppers.

Through extensive research a range of electromagnetic feeders and hopper units has been developed, allowing for ease of use.


They are useful for feeding and dosing with a low flow rate.The units may be connected to either a hand-controlled potentiometer or integrated into a system, the number of times the units can be stopped or started is not restricted.

iPro vibrating units may be utilised in numerous applications, including for example the controlled feeding of product to a weighing machine. Feeders can be supplied with integral hoppers for product storage, in either standard or customised sizes.

Options: Open or sealed equipments, with or without coating.


  • vibrating,
  • electromagnetic


  • electromagnetic vibrating feeders
  • tubular vibrationg electromagnetic feeders
  • volumetric feeder


  • constant volumetric flow,
  • low power consumption and maintenance free (no friction parts),
  • continuously adjustable by potentiometer,
  • flow can be programmed or controlled by different electronic devices by a 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analogue input,
  • an amplitude sensor can be fitted


We work with carbon and stainless steel and regarding product specification we put special options.

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